Thursday, October 2, 2014

Italian Game Classical Variation, Greco Gambit Moeller-Bayonet Attack

Paris, 1909

1. e4, e5
2. d4, exd4
3. Nf3, Nc6
4. Bc4, Bc5
5. c3, Nf6
6. cxd4, Bb4+
7. Nc3, Nxe4
8. 0-0 ....

White intends to open-up the e-file.

8. .... Bxc3
9. d5 ....

White keeps the pressure mounting.

9. .... Bf6
10. Re1, Ne7
11. Rxe4, d6
12. g4 ....

The Greco Gambit, Moeller-Bayonet Attack.  An impressive variation of the Italian Game.

12. .... h6
13. h4, Kf8?

The only logical explanation for the latest Black move is that Black desired to take control of the h file, and at the same time remove the pin on his King.

14. h5, g5
15. Nd4, c6
16. Qf3, Nxd5
17. Bd2, Nc7
18. Rae1, d5
19. Bb4+, Kg7
20. Re7!!, dxc4

If 20....Bxe7, then 21. Bxe7 followed by 22, Bf6+ with a good attack on Black's king side.

21. Nxc6 ....

The move opens up the d file and would force the Black Queen to retreat.  If 21....bxc6, then 22. Rd1 Qd8, 23. Rxc7 ....

21. .... Qd3
22. Rxf7!! ....

A surprise move!  Black doesn't know what is coming.

22. .... Kxf7

White could win outright by 23. Ne5 double check, but he chooses a better plan....

23. Re7+, Kg8

Forced retreat.

24. Qxf6, Rh7
25. Re8+!!, Resigns

It would be useless to take the Rook because of White's threat 26. Qf8 mate.

An amazing finale.

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