Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nimzo-Indian Defense, Classical - Noa Variation

37th Chess Olympiad, 2006

1. d4, Nf6
2. c4, e6
3. Nc3, Bb4
4. Qc2, d5

The Noa Variation of Nimzo-Indian Defense.

5. cxd5, exd5
6. Bg5, c5
7. dxc5, h6

Black tries to "unpin" his Knight.

8. Bh4, g5
9. Bg3, Ne4
10. Bxb8, Qf6

Adding pressure on the beleaguered Knight at c3.

11. Bg3, Nxc3

Now, White's problem starts to grow.

12. a3, Bf5
13. Qd2, Ba5
14. b4, Ne4
15. Qc1, Rc8
16. Ra2 ....

If 16. bxa5 Rxc5, 17. Qd1 Qc3+ White loses the game.

16. .... Rxc5!!

17. Qa1, Qc6

Black takes advantage of the pin, threatening Rc1+, and offers the h8 Rook as a freebie.

18. Qe5+, Kd8
19. Qxh8+, Kd7

White resigns. There is no stopping Rc1 threatening mate.

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