Saturday, February 15, 2014

French Defense, Classical - Burn Variation

Hunguest Hotels Super Chess Tournament, 2003

1. e4, e6
2. d4, d5

The Classical Variation of the French Defense.

3. Nc3, Nf6
4. Bg5, dxe4

The Burn Variation, named after Amos Burn, one of the leading chess players in the 19th century, and a chess writer.

5. Nxe4, Be7
6. Bxf6, Bxf6
7. Nf3, 0-0
8. Qd2, Nd7
9. 0-0-0, Be7
10. Bd3, b6
11. Neg5, h6
12. Bh7+, Kh8
13. Be4 ....

White sets a trap.  With this move it seems White intends to capture the Rook on a8.

13. .... hxg5

Black falls into the trap.  With a few more moves, White opens the h-file.

14. g4, Rb8
15. h4, g6
16. hxg6+, Kg7
17. Qf4, Bb7
18. Rh7+!! ....

Another sacrifice! White uses the h-file to her utmost advantage.

18. .... Kxh7
19. Qh2+, Kg8
20. Rh1 ....

At this point, White wins the game.  But Black manages to prolong the game further.

20. .... Bxg5+
21. Nxg5 ....

What happens if White just moves the King away?  If 21. Kb1, the game may continue ....Bh4, 22. Nxh4 Qf6, 23. Nxg6 Qg7, 24. Ne7 mate.

Polgar made the text move, knowing that she is winning anyway.

21. .... Qxg5+
22. f4, Qxf4+
23. Qxf4, Bxe4
24. Qxe4, Resigns

Without his Queen, Black is lost. 

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