Monday, January 27, 2014

Nimzo-Indian Defense, Bishop Attack Classical Defense

Essent Crown 2002

1. d4, Nf6
2. c4, e6
3. Nc3, Bb4
4. e3, 0-0
5. Bd3, d5
6. cxd5, exd5
7. Nge2?! ....

A dubious move.  A better post for the Knight is at f3.

7. .... Re8
8. 0-0, Bd6!

Black sees a weakness in White's seventh move, and sends a Bishop into action.

9. a3? ....

A useless move. The Bishop is no longer there.

9. .... Ng4!!
10. h3, Nh2
11. Re1, Nf3+!!

By this sacrifice, Black manages to create havoc in the opponent's king side.

12. gxf3, Qg5+
13. Kh1 ....

If 13. Kf1, then 13....Bxh3 mate.

13. .... Qh4
14. Nf4, Bxh3
15. Ncxd5, Re6!!
16. Nxe6 ....

White has no choice but to capture the Rook which is destined to h6.

16. .... Bf5 discovered check
17. Kg1, Qh2+
18. Kf1, Bg3!!

White resigns.  There is no defense against the threats 19....Bxd3+ followed by  20....Qxf2 mate.

A truly remarkable game.

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