Thursday, January 16, 2014

King's Gambit Accepted, Double Muzio Gambit

Daugavpils, 1990

1. e4, e5
2. f4, exf4
3. Nf3, g5
4. Bc4, g4
5. 0-0, gxf3
6. Qxf3, Qf6
7. e5! ....

Intended to lure the Black Queen away from f7, which White is targeting.

7. .... Qxe5
8. Bxf7+ ....

The Double Muzio Gambit. So far, White has already sacrificed two pieces.

8. .... Kxf7
9. d4, Qxd4+
10. Be3!! ....

The objective of White's 9th move.  Now, White gets a tempo.

10. .... Qf6

Not 10....Qxb2, 11. Qxf4+ Nf6, 12. Bd4 and the position favors White.

11. Bxf4, Ke8
12. Nc3, Nc6
13. Nd5, Qg6
14. Rae1+, Be7
15. Bd6!! ....

This elegant move opens the f-file for a mating threat at f8, whichever way the White Bishop is captured.

15. .... Kd8

Black removes the pin, thinking the King would be safe.  He is mistaken.

16. Qf8+, Bxf8

Black is clearly lost.  White may mate by 17. Rxf8 Qe8, 18. Rxe8. White's next move is much shorter.

17. Bxc7 mate.

Dazzling moves by Shirov.

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