Monday, October 7, 2013

French Defense, Winawer Variation

Bled, 1931

1. e4, e6
2. d4, d5
3. Nc3, Bb4

This variation, named after Szymon Winawer and pioneered by Nimzowitsch and Botvinnik, is one of the main systems in the French Defense3... Bb4 pins the knight on c3, forcing White to resolve the central tension.

4. Nge2, dxe4
5. a3, Bxc3
6. Nxc3, f5
7. f3 ....

White resolves the central tension, but Black gains a pawn in the process.

7. .... exf3
8. Qxf3, Qxd4
9. Qg3, Nf6
10. Qxg7, Qe5+
11. Be2, Rg8
12. Qh6, Rg6
13. Qh4, Bd7
14. Bg5, Bc6
15. 0-0-0, Bxb2
16. Rhe1, Be4
17. Bh5! ....

White's attack begins.

17. .... Nxh5
18. Rd8+!!, Kf7
19. Qxh5, Resigns

White threatens Qxh7+.  Now, if 19....Qg7, then 20. Nxe4 fxe4, 21. Rf1+ clinches victory for White.

If 19....Kg7, then 20. Rg1 f4, 21. Bh6+ Kf6, 22. Rxg6+ hxg6, 23. Rf8+ Ke7, 24. Qxe5.  Black's Queen is gone and White wins the game.

To view the game in PGN format, you may visit Alekhine vs. Nimzovich.

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