Monday, October 14, 2013

French Defense, Tarrasch Variation, Open System Euwe-Keres Line

Moscow, 1971

1. e4, e6
2. d4, d5
3. Nd2, c5

The Tarrasch Variation of the Sicilian Defense.

4. N1f3 ....

The Open System Euwe-Keres Line.  In this variation, both sides play critically at the middle of the board.

4. .... Nc6
5. Bb5, dxe4
6. Nxe4, Bd7
7. Bg5, Qa5+
8. Nc3, cxd4
9. Nxd4, Bb4

If 9....Nxd4, then 10. Bxd7+ Kxd7, 11. Qxd4+ and White has the advantage.

10. 0-0, Bxc3
11. bxc3, Qxc3
12. Nf5!! ...

White decides to sacrifice the Knight in order to open up the e file.

12. .... exf5
13. Re1, Be6
14. Qd6, a6
15. Bd2, Qxc2
16. Bb4 ....

16. .... axb5

Forced. If 16....N8e7, White's Queen simply takes the Knight (and mate).

If 16....Rd8, 17.  Rxe6+ fxe6, 18. Qxe6+ N8e7, 19. Qxe7 mate.

17. Qf8+, Kd7
18. Red1+, Kc7
19. Qxa8, Resigns

White's formidable position cannot be undermined.  If 19....Nxb4, then 20. Rac1 and Black's Queen is lost.

Moreover, Black's Knight at g8 is pinned.

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