Thursday, October 10, 2013

Caro-Kann Defense: Panov Attack, Modern Defense Reifir-Spielmann Line

Moscow, 1935

1. c4, c6
2. e4, d5
3. exd5, cxd5
4. d4, NF6
5. Nc3 ....

The Panov Attack.  This is an opening thoroughly studied and recommended by Anatoly Karpov, former world chess champion.

5. ...., Nc6
6. Bg5, Qb6

The Modern Defense, Reifir-Spielmann Line.

7. cxd5, Qxb2

Black is willing to exchange Knights, which would be in his favor.

8. Rc1, Nb4
9. Na4 ....

White sets a trap.

9. .... Qxa2

If 9.....Qa3, then 10. Rc3 Nc2+ 11. Qxc2 Qd6 12. Rxc8+ Rxc8 13. Qxc8+ Qd8 14. Bb5+ Nd7 15. Bxd7 mate.  However, in this variation, Black's Queen may escape but may suffer relentless attack after 10....Nd3+ 11. Bxd3 Qd6 12. Qc1 Bd7 13. Nc5 ....

10. Bc4!!, Bg4

Black creates a distraction, but White is unperturbed.

11. Nf3, Bxf3
12. gxf3, Resigns

Black's only move is Qa3 and after that the Queen is trapped after 13. Rc3 as in above variation.

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