Friday, October 18, 2013

Benoni Defense, Taimanov Variation

Lvovzt, 1978

The Benoni Defense is a very aggressive opening that white can play against white's initial 1. d4. From this first move, Black must have multiple things that he can throw at white to give him a good chance to win

1. d4, Nf6
2. c4, c5
3. d5 .....

The Benoni Defense.

3. .... e6
4. Nc3, exd5
5. cxd5, d6
6. e4, g6
7. f4, Bg7
8. Bb5+ ....

The Taimanov Variation of the Benoni.

8. .... Nfd7
9. a4, 0-0
10. Nf3, Na6
11. 0-0, Nc7
12. Bd3, a6
13. Qe1, Rb8
14. e5, Nb6
15. f5!, dxe5
16. fxg6, fxg6
17. Bg5, Qd6
18. Qh4, N7xd5
19. Rad1, c4
20. Nxd5, cxd3

If 20....Nxd5, then 21. Bxc4 with a good game for White.

21. Ne7+, Kh8
22. Nxe5, Bf5

If 22.....Qxe5, then 23. Nxg6 double-check.

23. Rxf5!! ....

White takes advantage of weakness at g6 square.

23. .... Bxe5

If 23.....gxf5 or Rxf5, then 24. N5xg6 and white wins.

24. Rxe5!! ....

A surprise move.  The Rook cannot be taken because of White's threat Nxg6 double-check.

24. .... Rf7

Black resigns anyway.  There is no defense against 25. Rxd3.  Black's Queen would leave the d6 square and White initiates a mating attack with Bf6+.

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