Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sicilian Defense Scheveningen Variation Delayed Keres Attack Perenyi Gambit

8th Amber Tournament, 1999

1. e4, c5
2. Nf3, d6
3. d4, cxd4
4. Nxd4, Nf6
5. Nc3, a6
6. Be3, e6

The Scheveningen Variation of the Sicilian Defense. Black's central pawn structure provides a solid defense, controls the important d5 square, and gives flexibility to break in the center using e5 or d5, providing richness in flexibility and variations.

7. g4 ....

The Delayed Keres Attack, with the intention of driving the Black Knight from the center.

7. .... e5
8. Nf5, g6
9. g5 .....

The Perenyi Gambit.  White sacrifice the f5 Knight in exchange for an attack.

9. .... gxf5
10. exf5 ....

If 10.....Nfd7, then 11. Bc4 and 12. Qh5 with a strong attack.

10. .... d5!

The table has turned.  Now, it is Anand who sacrifices his Knight in order to break in the center.

11. gxf6, d4!!
12. Bc4, Qc7

Of course, not 12....dxc3 or dxe3 because of 13. Bxf7 Kxf7 and Black loses his Queen.

13. Qd3, dxe3
14. fxe3, b5!!
15. Bb3, Bb7
16. Nd5, Qa5+
17. c3, Nd7
18. 0-0-0, Nc5!
19. Qc2, 0-0-0
20. Rhg1, Bh6
21. Rg7, Nxb3

If 21....Bxg7, then 22. fxg7, Rg8, 23. Ne7+ which is favorable for White.

22. Qxb3, Bxd5
23. Rxd5, Qb6

If 23......Rxd5, 24. Qxd5 Rd8, 25. Qc6+ and White gets a strong attack.

24. Rxe5 ....

White defends the e-pawn against Qxe3 which would be disastrous.

24. ..... Qd6!!

White resigns. He cannot avoid mate without losing his e5 Rook.

Superb play by Anand!

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