Thursday, October 4, 2012

Karpov Tames the Caro-Kann

Bugojno, 1978
Caro-Kann Defence

1.e4, c6
2.d4, d5
3.Nd2, dxe4
4.Nxe4, Nd7
5.Nf3, Ngf6
6.Nxf6+, Nxf6

So far, the moves played were standard lines of play in Caro-Kann.  Now, Karpov tries an innovative move.

7.Ne5, Bf5
8.c3, e6
9.g4! ....

Now, the game has become more exciting....

9. .... Bg6
10.h4!, h5
11.g5, Nd5
12.Nxg6, fxg6

Karpov managed to create a double-pawn, thereby creating a weakness in the opponent's king side.

13.Qc2, Kf7
14.Rh3, Ne7
15.Bc4, Nf5
16.Rf3, Qd7

If 16....Qe7, 17. Rxf5+ gxf5, 18. Qxf5+ Ke8, 19. Bxe6 .... Black's position becomes constricted.

17.Rxf5!+, gxf5
18.Qxf5+, Ke7
19.Qe4, Re8

If 19. Qe5, Black responds with 19....Qd6 neutralizing the attack. 

20.Bf4, Kd8
21.Qe5, Rg8
22.O-O-O, g6
23.Re1, Bg7
24.Qb8+, Ke7

If 24....Qc8, then 25. Qxc8 Kxc8, 26. Rxe6 .... and White gets a superior position.

25.Rxe6+, Resigns

Further play is pointless. If 25....Kf8 (or Kf7), then 26. Rxe8+ Qxe8, 27. Bd6 mate.

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