Friday, June 1, 2012

King's Indian Defense of Bobby Fischer

King's Indian Defense

1. d4, Nf6
2. c4 g6
3. Nc3, Bg7
4. e4, d6
5. Nf3, 0-0
6. Bd3, Bg4
7. 0-0, Nc6
8. Be3, Nd7
9. Be2, Bxf3
10. Bxf3, e5
11. d5, Ne7

All prior moves are standard lines for King's Indian Defense.  Black's last move is a preparation for the eventual f5! which is aimed at dismantling White's central pawn structure.

12. Be2 ....

White also prepares for f4.

12. .... f5!
13. f4, h6
14. Bd3, Kh7
15. Qe2, fxe4!
16. Nxe4, Nf5!

The reason for Black's 15th move.  He is seeking a good post for his Knight.

17. Bd2, exf4
18. Bxf4, Ne5
19. Bc2, Nd4!

Excellent horsemanship.  The two knights are working in tandem to render White's Bishop Pair ineffective.

20. Qd2 ....

White has no choice.  If 20. Qf2, the game proceeds as in move 21.

20. .... Nxc4!
21. Qf2, Rxf4!!

Excellent play!  if White declines the offer, another piece (Bishop) will go down.

22. Qxf4, Ne2+
23. Kh1, Nxf4

White resigns.  He has lost his Queen.

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