Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kasparov's Might

Garry Kasparov proved once again that he can demolish an opponent in a short time.  The following game is a fine example.

Malta, 1980
King's Indian Defense

1. d4, Nf6
2. c4, e6
3. Nf3, b6
4. g3, Bb7
5. Bg2, Be7
6. 0-0, 0-0
7. d5! ....

White intends to post his Knight at f5, and he can only do that if the e6 pawn is eliminated.

7. .... exd5
8. Nh4!, c6

The c4 pawn cannot be taken because of the Bishop's pin on d5.

9. cxd5, Nxd5
10. Nf5, Nc7
11. Nc3!, d5
12. e4, Bf6
13. exd5! ....

White dismantles Black's pawn structure.  Connected pawns at the center poses a serious threat.

13. .... cxd5
14. Bf4, Nba6
15. Re1, Qd7?

A bad place for the Queen, as will be shown by Black's next move.

16. Bh3!, Kh8

Black prevents a double-check. The move also immobilizes White's Knight because of a pin by Black's Queen, threatening Qxh3.

17. Ne4! ....

Fantastic!  The move threatens 18. Nxf6.

17. .... Bxb2
18. Ng5! ....

Effectively removing White's pin on f5.  Now White threatens 20. Nxg7.

18. .... Qc6
19. Ne7, Qf6
20. Nxh7! ....

If the Knight is taken, as in 20.... Kxh7, White threatens mate by 21. Qh5+!

20. .... Qd4
21. Qh5, g6
22. Qh4, Bxa1
23. Nf6+, Resigns

Black realizes futility after 23... Kg7, 24. Qh6+ Kxf6, 25. Bg5 mate.

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