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Zukertort Opening, Sicilian Invitation

Ciudad de Linares 1999
Zukertort Opening, Sicilian Invitation

1. Nf3, c5

Black invites White to play the Sicilian Defense, hence this opening becomes, on the part of Black, the Sicilian Invitation.

2. c4, Nc6
3. d4, cxd4
4. Nxd4, e6
5. g3, Bb4+
6. Nc3, Qa5
7. Nb5, d5

White intends to play 8. Nd6+. Black's last move renders it unplayable.

8. a3, Bxc3+
9. bxc3, Nf6
10. Bg2 ....

Aggressive players would have preferred the more aggressive 10. Nd6+ thereby displacing Black's King.

10. .... 0-0
11. Qb3, dxc4
12. Qxc4, e5
13. Nd6, Be6
14. Qd3, e4

Certainly not 14.....Rad8, 15. Nxb7! Rxd3, 16, Nxa5 and Black comes materially ahead.

15. Nxe4, Nxe4
16. Bxe4, Rad8
17. Qc2 ....

The immediate pawn capture 17. Bxh7 is not plausible because of 17....Kh8, 18. Qc2 Nd4, and Black captures either the c-pawn or the h7-Bishop.

17. .... Nd4
18. Qb2. Nxe2!!

Opening the e-file enables Black to penetrate White's defense.

19. Kxe2, Rfe8
20. Qb4, Qh5+
21. f3, f5
22. g4, Qh3
23. gxf5, Bxf5
24. Qc4+, Kh8
25. Re1, Rxe4+

White resigns, Black is assured of victory after 26. fxe4 Bg4+, 27. Kf2 Qxh2+, 28. Ke3 (not 28. Kf1 Rf8 mate) Qg3 mate.

Black would give the same reply if White moved the Bishop instead of the Rook in the 25th move:  e.g. 25. Be3 Rxe4, 26. fxe4 Qg2+, 27. Bf2 Bg4+, 28. Ke3 Qg3 mate.

An amazing finale.

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