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Caro Kann Defense Classical Variation

Russia 2005
Caro-Kann Defense: Classical Variation

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1. e4, c6
2. d4, d5
3. Nc3, dxe4
4. Nxe4 ....

The Classical Variation of the Caro Kann.

4. .... Bf5
5. Ng3, Bg6
6. h4, h6
7. Nf3, Nd7
8. h5, Bh7
9. Bd3, Bxd3
10. Qxd3, e6
11. Bf4, Qa5+
12. Bd2, Bb4
13. c3, Be7
14. c4, Qa6
15. 0-0, Rd8

Black intends to post his Knight at c5.

16. b4, Ngf6
17. a4, b6
18. Rfe1, 0-0
19. Nf5, Rfe8
20. Nxg7 ....

The fireworks begin. White slowly destroys Black's kingside pawn structure before pouncing on the beleaguered King.

20. .... Kxg7
21. Rxe6!!, fxe6

By sacrificing the Rook, White creates a weakness on the g6 square, which will ultimately cost Black the game.

22. Bxh6+, Kh8

The intruding Bishop cannot be captured because of 23. Qg6 mate.

23. Bg7+, Kxg7

If Black decides not to capture (23.....Kg8), then the game continues 24. Qg6 Nf8, 25. Bxf8+ Kxf8, 26. h6! Nh5, 27. Ne5 and mate next move.

24. Qg6+ Kf8

Black resigns.

Black has no defense to White's next move: 25. Ng5 assuring mate by Qf7. If 24....Kh8, then 25. Ng5 Rf8, 26, h6!! and mate next move.

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