Saturday, February 26, 2011

Anderssen Tames the King's Gambit

Breslau 1863

1. e4, e5
2. f4, exf4
3. Nf3, g5
4. h4, g4
5. Ne5 ....

The Kieseritzky Variation of the King's Gambit...

5. .... Nf6
6. Bc4, d5
7. exd5, Bd6
8. d4, Nh5
9. Bb5+, c6
10. dxc6, bxc6
11. Nxc6, Nxc6
12. Bxc6+, Kf8
13. Bxa8, Ng3!!

This Knight position is more valuable than the Rook taken by White's Bishop.

14. Rh2, Bf5
15. Bd5, Kg7
16. Nc3, Re8+
17. Kf2, Qb6
18. Na4, Qa6!!

The Queen attacks the Knight and controls the a6-f1 diagonal.

19. Nc3, Be5!!
20. a4? ....

A useless move. But White has nothing better. If the Bishop is taken then 20....Qb6+, 21. Ke1 Rxe5+ Kd2, 22. Qd4 mate.

If 20. Bxc2, then .....Qxg4+ 21. Kh8 Bxf4 and all squares attacked by Black will be defended.

20. .... Qf1+
21. Qxf1 ....


21. .... Bxd4+!!

The reason behind Black's 19th move. Now White crumbles.

22. Be3, Rxe3

White hoped for 22....Bxe3+, 23. Ke1 and the King escapes! Now, Black threatens 23....Re2 mate.

23. Kg1, Re1 mate.

A beautiful finale. For more articles about Adolf Anderssen, click here.

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