Saturday, December 4, 2010

Modern Gambits

A modern chess player, in order to confuse the enemy, might turn a staid opening into a gambit.  The idea is to present the opponent with surprises so unpleasant that he will spend so much time looking for the proper reply.  And before he realizes it, his time has run out already....

Helsinki, 1936
Sicilian Defense

1. e4, c5
2. Nf3, a6
3. b4!? ....

White seeks to develop his pieces immediately, and to lessen Black's control over the center.

3. .... cxb4
4. a3, d5
5. exd5, Qxd5
6. axb4, Bg4

Black neglects to develop his King-side and disregards the safety of his King.

7. Nc3, Qh5
8. Be2, e6
9. 0-0, Nf6

Black should have taken the offered Pawn.

10. Ra5!! ....

A surprising yet powerful move.  If 10....b5 then 11. Bxb5+ ... or if 10....Qg6 then 11. Rg5 Qh6, 12. d4 threatening 13. Rxg4 ...

10. .... Nd5
11. h3!, Bxf3
12. Bxf3, Nxc3
13. dxc3, Qg6
14. Qd4!! ....

White threatens 15. Bxb7 and the Rook has nowhere to go.

14. .... Qf6
15. Qc4, Nd7
16. Bg5!! ....

 16. .... Qg6

Black cannot play 16.....Ne5 because of 17. Rxe5 Qxe5, 18. Qc6+ bxc6, 19. Bxc6 mate.

17. Bxb7, Rb8
18. Bc6, Be7
19. Bxd7+, Kxd7
20. Rd1+, Resigns

Life ends wherever the King goes.  If 20....Ke8, then 21. Qc7!! etc.  If 20....Bd6, then 21. Rxd6 Kxd6, 22. Qc5+ Kd7, 23. Qe7+ and mate follows.

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