Saturday, November 6, 2010

King's Gambit Declined

Berlin, 1863

1. e4, e5
2. f4, Bc5
3. Nf3, d6
4. Bc4, Nf6
5. Nc3, 0-0
6. d3 ....

After 6. fxe5 fxe5, 7. Nxe5 Black replies with 7....Qd4! and he would have a good game.

6. .... Ng4?

Black is enticed by  ....Nf2, but 6....Nc6 is a much better reply.

7. Rf1, Nxh2?
8. Rh1! ....

Black hoped for 8. Nxh2 Qh4+ followed by ...Qxh2, giving him an excellent game.

8. .... Ng4
9. Qe2, Bf2+?

A useless move. It disabled White's castling but at this point of the game, castling for White does not signify.

10. Kf1, Nc6
11. f5!, Bc5
12. Ng5!!, Nh6

If 12....Nf6 White wins with 13. Nxh7 Nxh7, 14. Qh5 etc.

13. Qh5, Qe8

14. Nxh7, Kxh7
15. Bxh6, g6

Of course not 15....gxh6, 16. Qxh6+ and mate next move.

16. Qxg6+!!, fxg6
17. Bxf8 mate.

An artistic finale.

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