Friday, October 29, 2010

French Defense: Alekhine-Chatard Attack, Albin-Chatard Gambit

Cista, 1940
French Defense: Alekhine-Chatard Attack, Albin-Chatard Gambit

1. e4, e6
2. d4, d5
3. Nc3, Nf6
4. Bg5, Be7
5. e5, Nfd7
6. h4 ....

The Albin-Chatard Gambit. White sacrifices the h-pawn in return for an attack on Black's King side, launching from the half-open h-file.

6. .... Bxg5
7. hxg5, Qxg5
8. Nh3, Qh6

If the Queen retreats e.g. 8....Qe7, then 9. Qg4 0-0, 10. Bd3 g6, 11. Ng5 and White would have an easy attack.

9. Bd3, g6
10. Qg4, c5
11. f4! ....

The safety of the e5-pawn is of paramount importance.

11. .... cxd4
12. Nb5, Kd8
13. Ng5! ....

Another sacrifice. But Black really has no choice. If 13....Qg7, then 14. Nd6 ... threatening 15. Ngxf7+.

13. .... Qxh1+
14. Kf2, Qxa1
15. Nxf7+, Ke7
16. Qg5+, Kxf7
17. Nd6+, Kg7

If 17....Kf8, then 18. Qd8+ Kg7, 19. Qe7+ ... bringing the position to the one in text. If 17....Kg8 then 18. Qe7 and mate next move.

18. Qe7+, Kh6
19. Nf7+, Kg7
20. Ng5+, Kh6
21. Nxe6, Nf6

Preventing 22. Qg5 mate. But White has another ace up his sleeve.

22. Qg7+, Kh5
23. Qxf6, h6

Again, preventing 24. Qg5 mate, but White's next mating move cannot be prevented...

24. Be2 mate.

Much quicker than 24. Qxg6+ Kh4, 25. g3+ Kh2, 26. Qh5 mate. White, thought two Rooks down, played magnificently. The relentless attack left Black's major pieces still standing in their original positions.

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