Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Victor Korchnoi

Korchnoi is a four times USSR chess champion (1960, 1962-63, 1964-65, 1970), two times winner of the interzonal tournaments for world championship, winner of two Candidates Tournaments (1977, 1980) and five time European champion. Victor Korchnoi played three matches with Anatoly Karpov for the World Chess Championship (two official matches in 1978 and 1981, and the 1974 Candidates' Final which later won Karpov the title by forfeit against Bobby Fischer). He also became a six time Chess Olympiad winner as a member of the Soviet team.

Moscow, 1974
Queen's Indian Defense, Anti-Queen's Indian System

1. d4, Nf6
2. Nf3, e6
3. g3, b6
4. Bg2, Bb7
5. c4, Be7
6. Nc3 ....

The Anti-Queen's Indian System, which seeks to control the d5 square.

6. .... 0-0
7. Qc2, c5
8. d5, exd5
9. Ng5 ....

Part of the Anti-Queen's Indian System, the move threatens mate at h7 while attacking the d5 pawn.

9. .... Nc6
10. Nxd5 ....

If 10. cxd5 then Black drives the White Queen away by 10....Nd4. The text allows White to maintain pressure.

10. .... g6

Black eliminates the threat, but White maintains pressure at the center.

11. Qd2, Nxd5
12. Bxd5 ....

White maintains the pin on the b7 Bishop.

12. .... Rb8
13. Nxh7!!, Re8

Of course not 13....Kxh7 because of 14. Qh6+ Kg8; 15. Qxg6+... with a devastating attack.

14. Qh6, Ne5
15. Ng5, Bxg5
16. Bxg5, Qxg5
17. Qxg5, Bxd5
18. 0-0 ....

Black hoped for 18. cxd5 Nf3 double check! But Korchnoi saw the plan. Without the Queen, Black has already lost the game. The succeeding moves have become irrelevant.

18. .... Bxc4
19. f4, Resigns

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