Thursday, July 1, 2010

Scandinavian Defense

The Scandinavian Defense is also known as Center Counter Defense, which was discussed in a previous blog.  The opening is characterized by the moves 1. e4, d5. 

Credit Suisse, Biel SUI 1997

1. e4, d5
2. exd5, Qxd5
3. Nc3, Qa5
4. d4, Nf6
5. Nf3, c6
6. Bc4, Bf5
7. Ne5, e6
8. g4, Bg6
9. h4, Nbd7
10. Nxd7, Nxd7
11. h5, Be4
12. Rh3, Bg2
13. Re3, Nb6
14. Bd3, Nd5
15. f3 ....

This innocent-looking move actually provides escape square for White's King.

15. .... Bb4

If 15....Nxe3, 16. Bxe3 0-0, 17. Kf2... then White gets some compensation for material loss in addition to mobility of his pieces (bishop-pair).

16. Kf2, Bxc3
17. bxc3, Qxc3
18. Rb1, Qxd4
19. Rxb7, Rd8
20. h6, gxh6
21. Bg6!! ....

A surprise move! At this point, the table is suddenly turned. White is now the attacker.

21. .... Ne7

Not 22....Qxd1, for then 23. Rxe6+ Kf8, 24. Bxh6+ Kg8, 25. Bxf7 mate.

22. Qxd4, Rxd4
23. Rd3, Rd8

Not 23....Rxd3, 24. Bxd3... and after 25. Kxg2 White's position is far superior.

24. Rxd8+, Kxd8
25. Bd3, Resigns

Black's Bishop will be taken.  In addition, White threatens 26. Rb8+ giving White overwhelming material and positional advantage.

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