Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bishop's Opening

The Bishop's Opening is characterized by the opening moves

1. e4 e5
2. Bc4

White attacks Black's f7-square and prevents Black from advancing his d-pawn to d5. By ignoring the beginner's rule, "develop knights before bishops", White leaves his f-pawn unblocked allowing the possibility of playing f2-f4. This gives the Bishop's Opening an affinity to the King's Gambit and the Vienna Game, two openings that share the same characteristic.

London, 1841
Bishop's Opening: Lewis Gambit

1. e4, e5
2. Bc4, Bc5
3. d4, Bxd4

The Lewis Gambit. White sacrifices the d-pawn in order to weaken Black's central pawn structure.

4. Nf3, Nc6
5. 0-0, Nf6
6. Nxd4, Nxd4
7. f4, d6
8. fxe5, dxe5
9. Bg5, Be6
10. Bxe6, Nxe6
11. Qxd8+, Rxd8
12. Bxf6, gxf6
13. Rxf6, Nf4
14. Nc3, Rd2!!
15. Rd1 ....

White avoided 15. g3 Nh3+, 16. Kh1  (if 16. Kf1 then 16....Rxh2) Nf2+,  17. Kg1 Ng4 and Black wins the exchange.

15. .... Rxg2+
16. Kh1, Rhg8
17. Rf5, f6!

Black correctly decided to protect the e5-pawn. If 17....Nh3; then 18. Rxe5+ Kf8, 20. Rd8+ Kg7, 21. Rxg8 and Black's attack collapses.

18. Rxf6, Nh3!!

 19. Rff1, Rg1+
20. Rxg1, Nf2+ mate.

A marvelous finish.

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