Monday, June 28, 2010

Ruy Lopez Opening

Paris 1858

1. e4, e5
2. Nf3, Nc6
3. Bb5, Nf6
4. d4, Nxd4
5. Nxd4, exd4
6. e5, c6?

A weak move, seen as the ultimate cause of this game's loss.

7. 0-0, cxb5
8. Bg5 ....

This pin is seen as much stronger than taking the Knight at once.

8. .... Be7

The correct reply.  If 8....h6 then White replies with 9. exf6 hxg5, 10. Re1+!! and White wins an extra piece with an overwhelming position.

9. exf6, Bxf6
10. Re1+, Kf8
11. Bxf6, Qxf6
12. c3, d5
13. cxd4, Be6
14. Nc3, a6
15. Re5, Rd8
16. Qb3, Qe7
17. Rae1 ...

Strengthens the e-file.  If 17. Nxd5, then Black replies with 17....Qd6, and the Knight is pinned.

17. .... g5

Black prevents the advance of the f-pawn.

18. Qd1, Qf6
19. R1e3!!, Rg8?

A losing move.  However, the game at this point is beyond recovery.

20. Rxe6, Resigns

White is now positionally and materially superior.  If 21....fxe6, then 22. Rf3!! and Black loses his Queen.

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