Sunday, June 20, 2010

Polish Opening

The Polish Opening or The Sokolsky Opening (also called The Orangutan) is an uncommon chess opening in which White opens with 1.b4. According to ChessBase, in master level chess, out of the twenty possible first moves from White, 1.b4 ranks ninth in popularity.

Vienna 1895

1. b4, e6
2. Bb2, Nf6
3. a3, c5
4. b5, d5
5. d4, Qa5+
6. Nc3? ....

Why not c3? If Black continues 6.....Ne4, then 7. Qd3.

6. .... Ne4!
7. Qd3, cxd4
8. Qxd4, Bc5

 9. Qxg7, Bxf2+
10. Kd1, d4!!

White cannot take the Knight because of a mating threat at e1.

11. Qxh8+, Ke7
12. Qxc8, dxc3
13. Bc1, Nd7

This move secures the d file for Black's attack.

14. Qxa8, Qxb5
15. Bf4, Qd5+
16. Kc1, Be3+
17. Bxe3, Nf2!!!

The move that clinches victory for Black.

18. Bxf2 ....

Forced, since Black threatens mate at d1.

18. .... Qd2+
19. Kb1, Qd1+
20. Ka2, Qxc2 mate

The culmination of a brilliant attack.

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