Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alekhine Defense

The Alekhine Defense was featured in a previous post (Adams vs. Kline). The following game again illustrates the capability of the opening to provide avenues of attack for aggressive players.

USSR 1977
Alekhine Defense: Modern Variation

1. e4. Nf6
2. e5, Nd5
3. d4, d6
4. Nf3, Bg4
5. Be2, c6
6. c4, Nb6
7. Nbd2, N8d7
8. Ng5!, Bxe2
9. e6!! ....

Threatening mate at f7.

9. .... f6
10. Qxe2, fxg5
11. Ne4, Nf6

If 11....h6. then 12. Qh5+ mate.

12. Nxg5, Qc7

Black avoids a fork by the White Knight and creates an escape square for his King.

13. Nf7, Rg8
14. g4!, h6
15. h4, d5

Black hoped to free his Queen, but it was not to be.

16. c5, Nc8
17. g5, Ne4

Black correctly avoided 17....hxg5, 18. hxg5 allowing White to activate his h1 Rook.

18. gxh6, gxh6
19. Qh5, Nf6
20. Nd6+!!, Kd8

The Knight cannot be captured because of the double-check.

21. Qe8+!!!, Resigns

A dazzling finish reminiscent of medieval times. If Black's Knight captures the Queen, then White's Knight mates with 22. Nf7+.

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