Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Evergreen Game

This post features another magnificent game by Adolf Anderssen.  Containing one of the most brilliant attacks ever recorded, this game is immortalized as the Evergreen Game.

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Berlin, 1852
Ruy Lopez Opening

1. e4, e5
2. Nf3, Nc6
3. Bc4, Bc5
4. b4 .....

The Evans Gambit - a sharp try for control of the center and attacks on f7.  Gary Kasparov played the Evans Gambit a number of times in modern grandmaster play, a testimony to its soundness.

4. ..... Bxb4
5. c3, Ba5

Black keeps the pressure on c3. This is the only move that prevents White from getting a firm pawn post on d4.

6. d4, exd4
7. 0-0 .....

An extra aggressive castling maneuver. Now the PIN on the c3 is broken, enabling White to get a pawn center if given the opportunity. And now the Rook is activated to slide over to the critical e file.

7. ..... d3

Black thinks White will take the pawn, hindering the latter's development and effectively stopped White from getting a strong pawn center.

8. Qb3 ......

Attacking the weak f7 pawn.

8. ..... Qf6
9. e5 .....

Black cannot take the e pawn because of the resulting pin by Re1.

9. ..... Qg6
10. Re1 .....

White controls the e file. Although the file is not yet open, White puts a tremendous pressure on the center.

10. ..... Nge7
11. Ba3, b5?

An attempt to remove some of the pressure off f7. Black should have castled immediately.

12. Qxb5, Rb8
13. Qa4, Bb6

Black adds pressure on the weak f2 pawn, at the same time relieving the c6 Knight of the responsibility of defending it.

14. Nbd2, Bb7

Black would have been better off if he castled at this point. Not castling early in the game will lead to his downfall.

15. Ne4 .....

Centralizing the Knight where it attacks key squares.

15. ..... Qf5

A needless move. Black had better moves like d2.

16. Bxd3, Qh5
17. Nf6+!! .....

The beginning of one of the most brilliant attacks in chess.

17. ..... gxf6
18. exf6, Rg8!!

A strong move that activates the rook, attacks the f3 Knight, and threatens mate.

19. Rad1!! .....

White offers the f3 Knight in exchange for a brilliant attack.

19. ..... Qxf3
20. Rxe7+!!, Nxe7

Black would have done better with Kd8.

21. Qxd7+!! .....

Sacrificing the Queen for an unstoppable mate.

21. ..... Kxd7
22. Bf5+!!, Ke8
23. Bd7+, Kf8
24. Bxe7 mate.

Brilliant! If black would have just castled back when he had the chance, none of this would have happened.

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