Friday, March 26, 2010

Tricks and Traps

Trick moves and traps abound in chess.  Some work splendidly if the opponent succumbs.  Others recoil badly if they are avoided.  Black's trap in the following game is a good one, as it promises optimum results with minimum risk.

For opening tricks and traps, you may visit Chess Opening Tricks.

London, 1939

1. c4, e5
2. Nc3, Nc6
3. g3, Nf6
4. Bg2, Bb4
5. e3 .....

White makes room for his King Knight at e2 as he does not want to block his King Bishop's diagonal.

5. ..... d6
6. N1e2, Bg4
7. Qb3 .....

White threatens to win a piece with Bxc6.

7. ..... Rb8 !

Black parries the threat, for after 8. Bxc6 bxc6, his King Bishop will be protected.

8. Nd5, Bc5
9. Nxf6+, Qxf6!

10. Bxc6+?, bxc6!
11. Qxb8+ .....

White succumbed to temptation.  He is unaware of the succeeding Two-Rook Sacrifice.

11. ..... Kd7
12. Qxh8, Qf3!

Threatening 13. .....Qxe2 mate as well as 13......Qxh1+ and mate the following move.

13. Kd1 .....

If White castles, the reply 13......Bh3 forces mate.  Similarly, on 13. Kf1 there follows 13.....Qxe2, 14. Kg1 Bh3.

13. ..... Qxe2+
14. Kc2, Qxc4+
15. Kb1, Qd3 mate.

Very neat finish.  Black must have all these in mind when he played move 7.


  1. I am new to chess!! can anyone please tell me what means c4,e5 , Nc3 Nc6, G3 Nf6? how to move them!! I found on every website same kind of articles about chess tricks.. no one explains what is Nc6 or Qd3!

  2. Sandip, please send me your e-mail address and I will explain to you. Mine is

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